Missión, Vision, Values


The mission of Blue Water Society is based on 3 points to understand and solve the problems of our oceans.

  • Educate: to know the human impact and the damage we can do with our  behavior By educating, we can change the way we  care about the oceans.


  • Scientific research: to know the different problems that damage the oceans and find the best solution for their restoration


  • Susteintable development in coastal areas: The social aspect is very important for us. In many coastal areas, nautical tourism is the best option for the development of their populations, offering a well grounded source of income, a decent and environmentally friendly quality of life.



We want to see cleaner oceans and coasts with  an educated society   careing about marine life, a science at the service of better oceans and coastal populations with sustainable development, decent quality of life and less environmental impact.



Traditional values of seamen  as support, teamwork, care of resources and respect for the oceans, move our spirit.