How to support?

You too can be a PROTECTOR OF THE OCEANS !!!, with your contribution  help us to visit more schools and raise awareness to have cleaner oceans, you make a difference !!!

Ways to collaborate with BLUE WATER SOCIETY:

– An effective way is to denounce and share our struggle in social networks:

Photographic denunciations are an element of great pressure for those who aggress the oceans and it is an effective way to raise awareness and pressure justice to act. Through our social networks, we can create awareness and press for the situation to change. Report on our Facebook with your photos.

–  Donating:

If you feel identified with our cause, you can donate once the amount you want or subscribe to a monthly plan from 1 or $ s for one year through paypal.

–  I have a sailboat and I am in the Caribbean area:

BLUE WATER SOCIETY does not have its own boat; our research is done thanks to the willingness of collaborators who facilitate their boat to do the necessary studies, in gratitude Blue Water Society can get discounts on moorings and marinas from R. Dominicana. We also have access to protected areas normally closed to the public where you can enjoy true marine paradises by helping us in our scientific research.

– We are a company and we want to support them:

Companies committed to ocean life have a great opportunity to make their name shine and can support us in two different ways:

– Technical support (official suppliers): donating equipment and supplies necessary for the development of Blue Water Society.

– Economically (sponsorship):  Blue Water Society has the immediate objective of increasing the scope of our educational work by reaching more study centers and strengthening research. Our desire is to create a permanent scientific monitoring station in the Dominican Republic. This is something that carries a very important investment and will give enormous benefits with precise knowledge to better preserve the resources of the Caribbean and propose appropriate solutions.

Blue Water Society has an excellent Corporate Social Responsibility campaign for your company, which will help your company’s branding, increase its presence in specific markets and build customer loyalty.

By supporting our campaigns, your company ensures high exposure to the specific market of your interest, through TV series on the Internet, radio, collaborations in specialized magazines in different languages. Our educational material will be available for free WITH YOUR BRAND ready to be downloaded and used in schools around the world.

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Donate once the desired amount:

Subscribe to a monthly plan:

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