Sustentaible development in coastal areas.

The development of nautical tourism is a priority for populations in coastal areas. The facts show that the places where it has developed responsibly have had a strong positive impact on the local population, generating sustainable economic resources and an improvement in the quality of life. Nautical tourism is a formidable social development tool and the most suitable for coastal areas.

A ship needs to be provided with food, fuel, energy, maintenance and repairs in mechanics, electricity, electronics are always necessary. When the crew disembark, visit stores, buy tourist excursions, go to restaurants. A multiplier effect leads to the development of nautical tourism with relatively little investment. Of course, it is necessary to educate the local population in order to receive such visitors.

The Blue Water Society Foundation also  advice on the most interesting marinas, it is nearby natural attractions and the entertainment options available, promoting the generation of economic resources through nautical tourism, especially in developing countries.