World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day celebrated on June 5, 1973. The date coincides with the start of the Stockholm Conference in 1972, whose main theme was precisely the Environment.

This date was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972. The objective is to sensitize the world population in relation to environmental issues, further intensifying political action.

But regardless of the political action of the countries, the population is the main interested in respecting and respecting the environment. Therefore, the efforts of World Environment Day are focused on motivating people and communities to become active agents of sustainable development and change of attitude towards environmental issues. And because of this, people are invited to participate in this day.

On World Environment Day there are many events and activities planned: gatherings, ecological concerts, cleaning and recycling campaigns, conferences, round tables.

World Environment Day encourages us to go out into the open and to go into nature to discover and reflect on how we are an integral part and how much we depend on it.
In this table there is a brief explanation about what the Environment is and how to take care of it.